Jazz is a modern form of dance that incorporates high intensive movement as well as technique. Along with technical ability, we teach children to develop their own individual styles.


Ballet is a classical form of dance that develops grace, bodylines, and posture. A Ballet dancer learns to connect technical steps with their grace and precision taught in these classes. Ballet is the fundamental discipline of dance and what one learns in ballet class is applied to all other forms of dance.


Acro is a discipline that combines gymnastic movements with jazz/lyrical/contemporary training. It not only helps with your dance movement but also helps with your flexibility and strength building.


Hip-Hop is the hottest style of dance out there. It explores smooth urban dance styles while combining jazz styles as well. Hip-Hop is a burst of energy and a great form of exercise. Hip-Hop is brought to dancers in an uninhibited environment and is a fun-filled experience for all dancers.


Lyrical and contemporary combines Ballet, Jazz and Modern techniques while focusing on story telling. The music and lyrics is what drives this form of dance while placing emphasis on expressing posture, strength and balance.


Tap dancing is a form of dance that teaches rhythm, coordination, and syncopation. By wearing special tap shoes, you can create a percussive sound and as such the dancers are considered to be musicians.
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